Jimmy Matlosz


Narrative & Docs

The Online Date

Short Film   (POC for Life On Earth feature film)

Director:  J. Matlosz

The Holy Cannoli

Panavision 35mm Feature film

Director(s): Paul Howarth/Scott Sohan

The Deadline (second unit Cinematographer)

35mm Feature Film

Director:  Sean McConville

Snow White and The Huntsman Credit Sequence

The Mill

Director:  Henry Hobson

The Huntsman Credit Sequence

The Mill

Who Killed The Electric Car


Director:  Chris Paine

Dolby Escape

Animated Short

Director:  Limbert Fabian and Brandon Oldenburg

The Princess & The Pea

 IMAX Short Film

Director: Curtis Linton

Better Living Through Circuitry


Director:  Jon Reiss


Stop Motion Short Film

Director:  Jason Wishnow


Short Film

Director:  Frederic Galfo

Heart of Glass


Director:  J. Matlosz

My Name is Earl  -  Robbed a Stoner Blind

Stop Motion sequence

Director:  J. Matlosz

Deep Blue

Short Film

Director:  Patricia Cordoza

Manatee: The Forgotten Mermaid


Director:  Mark Merral/Tom Boyd

Final Run

35mm Short Film

Director:  Ken Foley

Being Frank

Short Film

Director:  Andre Gaines