Jimmy Matlosz



Mission Statement

“I pursue the art of Cinematography because I love telling stories through the artistry of light and composition. 

Cinematography offers a opportunity to discover where Art & Life collide.

Conveyed through Collaboration, Technology, Philosophy, Human Relations and Story Telling. 

Filmmaking offers us the opportunity to translate dreams to the screen…

To create emotional impact, connecting us in a common experience.  

My creative approach is very organic, consciously working to tell the story seamlessly and feeding off the moment.

My gut and intuition guide decisions serving the Directors Vision, The Script, the Actors and Texture of the Room.”  

Jimmy Matlosz is a critically acclaimed, world renowned Cinematographer

possesses an organic style, serving 

story & genre. 

widely known for having a Zen on-set demeanor, 

sometimes referred to as ‘the Elixir’


Garnering praise for his work in:

Features, Shorts, Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos.


F.E.A.R. (2021)

 A must see Feature Film (available on Amazon and Tubi) 

Displaying Jimmy’s seamless lighting style and elegant camera work 

earning the film comparisons to ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘The Revenant.’  

Additional award winning shorts: ‘WAYLAID’, ‘VINYL CHILD’ and ‘ALONE’ 

Jimmy lensed ‘THE PRINCESS & THE PEA’ the first ever student IMAX film for USC Alum. Curtis Linton.

Commercial Clients

Nike, United Airlines, Sprint, Chevy, Ford, Adidas, New Balance, Budweiser, Miller, McDonald’s and Burger King. 

skilled in many facets of Commercial cinematography.

 Comedy & Dialogue, Sports, VFX & Tabletop.



Renaissance Cinematographer 

Earning awards in

  High Speed Stop Motion



Arri, Dolby Labs and Panasonic.


The Emerging Cinematographers Awards

Author of High Speed Cinematography 

 Visual Effects Society (VES) handbook.

Inventor & Patent Holder

 New fluid head.


 Contrast is the 6th C of cinematography. 

Award Winning Screenwriter 

5 screenplays and one co-written pilot,

Mountain biker, road cyclist, snowboarder, Hiker, Father, Dude – culinary artiste’

In 2020 Jimmy established

The Idaho Film Company.

Now based in Washington State.