Jimmy Matlosz



Jimmy is an award winning Cinematographer as well as a
Camera Operator, Director, Journalist & Screenwriter
With a wide range of experience.
Commercials, Features, Shorts, Doc's and Music Videos.

Bringing filmmaking back to Idaho. 


– Jimmy started his career working at the VFX house Perpetual Motion pictures, working with motion control, miniatures, blue screen, green screen and     pyro-techniques.

– Later on Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas he was the youngest Assistant Camera person on the crew.

– Returning to Los Angeles, we would then the become the youngest Photosonics High Speed Camera technician traveling the world and gathering a       wealth of experience.


– Not too long after he was recruited to AC on the IMAX film Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, followed by Jordan to The Max and All Access.

– This led to Jimmy lensing the first ever student IMAX film, Princess and the Pea. Which landed the IMAX film Manatee the Forgotten Mermaid.


– Jimmy then lensed Oedipus, the award winning stop motion short.  The first ever short to be shot with a DSLR and projected in 35mm.  This pioneering method would influence Corpse Bride to embrace digital technology just 2 years later.


– In the mean time, Jimmy was an early adapter of the Phantom High Speed digital camera system, learning the tech side and applying that to his burgeoning cinematography career.  This would lead him to be a leader in the industry and expert in High Speed.  Jimmy then lent his knowledge to the VFX society and wrote the chapter on the art and science of High Speed Cinematography.  

– Jimmy has lensed high speed spots with Shaquille O’Neal on film burning over 350,000Watts of light and the first ever 1000fps slam dunk with the Phantom for Nike and  Lebron James tapping out at just over 300,000W. 


– For nearly 2 decades Jimmy continues to lens commercials in multiple formats, states and countries. He cut his teeth in tabletop, added sports and continued to lens live action, applying his wealth of knowledge, skill and artistry to every project.  He continues to flex his knowledge and skills in a wide variety of spots throughout the world.


– Jimmy’s passion for filmmaking has always led down the path of narrative, his career has given him the opportunity to learn, experience and grow as a creative. Learning the extremes of filmmaking and working plenty of dramatic narrative projects in between.

– He made a serious focus to return to dramatic narrative more recently and  has now lensed a handful of shorts and 2 features, the most recent being FEAR. 

 – In 2020 Jimmy teamed with Arri Inc. being one of the first to use their newly minted Signature Zoom lenses for the short film Waylaid.   During the pandemic of  2020 Jimmy made the award winning short film ALONE, with a Canon 5D Mark IV, alone with no lights or crew.